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We would like to confirm our warranty policy as a sign of our commitment to product quality. 


Terms and conditions are as follows. 



4-year Warranty 

  • All lithium batteries (5kwh rear wall, 5kwh slim line, 6kwh toolbox) 

2-year Warranty 

  • Joey, Koala, and Kookaburra condenser/compressor units 

  • All Evaporators (exc. Dingo) 

  • All Chargers 

1-year Warranty 

  • AGM Batteries 

  • Dingo condenser/compressor 

  • Dingo evaporator 



  • Warranty starts from the date of purchase, the same as invoice date 

  • Warranty is transferable with the vehicle it was originally fitted to 

  • If the product was fitted new (within 6-months) with an issue and can’t be solved on site, we will supply a new item for the faulty one. 

  • If the product has been on the truck longer than 6 months, but within warranty, send them back for repair, we DO NOT supply new items for items older than 6 months. 

  • If the product is not in warranty, you must purchase a new product to replace the old OR send this back for repair.  

  • Warranty does not apply to the following 

- Damaged products (e.g. dropped or mishandled, motor vehicle accidents etc.) 

- A product that has been removed from its original vehicle and placed on another 

- Fitment error  

- Non-genuine Coolabah parts or modified parts 

- User error (Batteries that are left flat for a period of 3-months or longer) 

  • Warranty claims will not be accepted if no information is provided on the product or the truck it came from 


Warranty process: 

  1. If you have discovered a faulty item, you should first call David on 0414 274 444 or Daniel on 0433 095 008 for technical support 

  2. If the issue can not be fixed on site, you will then need to contact with; 

  • Shop name 

  • The Chassis number OR invoice number 

  • Item name 

  • Item issue 

   3. Then the product will be deemed either a warranty replacement, warranty repair or warranty, and the appropriate documentation will be supplied 

   4. This must be filled out and placed in a box with the item ready for shipment 

   5. The dimensions need to be sent back in a reply to the previous emails and shipping will be organised and covered by Coolabah DC/AC  

   6. Shipping documentation will be sent to you, the package should say ATTN: Julia, with the appropriate form inside 

   7. Once received, if it was deemed a warranty replacement, you will be sent a replacement item 

   8. If it was deemed a warranty repair or repair, depending on the product, it will take anywhere from a day to 3 days if extensive testing/repairing is required 

   9. This item will then be sent back to you with the original document, and an internal report document 

  10. If it is a repair, you may be invoiced for the job 


To ensure the warranty process runs efficiently, please use the chassis number of the truck as your purchase order number for easy access to warranty information. Also, ensure you are completing in the online installation checklist, this is a QR code that comes with every unit. 

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