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About Us

Developing a product fit by design, the Coolabah was born. Supplying the trucking industry with a unit, that produces virtually no noise, is lighter and smaller, runs for more than one night on one battery charge, but still powerful enough to cool in the hottest Australian temperatures, was the first priority for the development of the Coolabah.


But we did not stop there, using a variable speed compressor, the Coolabah is able to automatically adjust in accordance with the environment in and outside the cab. A variable speed condenser fan works to ensure an optimum refrigeration pressure for the most efficient operation.

After speaking with real industry veterans, it was soon discovered many places in Australia also get very cold at night. Learning this, a heating system was also added to the unit for supreme comfort.

NCM Lithium Battery technology is equivalent to the weight of a standard truck battery, whilst delivering the power of up to 6, power that can also be used to recharge your truck batteries in case of an emergency at the push of a button. Ensuring a lifespan of 2000 cycles, the Coolabah will outlast any standard truck battery, approximating 10 years. 

Saving thousands per year, per vehicle, not only on running costs but also servicing value, the Coolabah sleeper cab cooling system will not disappoint. 

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